Our Story

By Dilip Pathre, (Founder, Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku Poultry Farm) 


       It is said "Family is the circle of love and courage" and I firmly believe it. Today the journey of Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku Parivar is running towards a successful business as “ Success is a Journey, not Destiny”. Thanks to being a member of "Ku Koo Ch Ku Parivar”. 


       In April 1987, my brother viz. Prashant and I decided to start a broiler farm with a little capital of Rs 4,000/- We almost gave up on our dream. However, thanks to our in-laws ie Redij family as we got the necessary support/backing to start a small-scale farming activity with only 400 chicks. 


       Since the beginning, we learned a lot from experience and managed to grow the business significantly. This growth eventually allowed us to receive financial backing from Bank of Maharashtra, this was instrumental in allowing Koo-Ch-Ku poultry farm to expand, opening more areas and reaching to the next level. However, being an open farmer, there was a limitation for the quality of chicks we got.


       In 2006, Kunal and Prasad joined Koo-Ch-Ku poultry farm. The introduction of new technology helped us to open breeder farm and hatcheries, resulting in higher quality of chicks, feed and increased the production. Venky's played a significant role in the growth of our Breeder Farm by providing all the help and guidance required. We are deeply indebted to Venky's and express our gratitude and thanks to them. We wish Venky's to achieve more success in the future. 


       We desire for continuous improvement led to the introduction of two feed mills and the creation of a research and development laboratory. We use only tested ingredients to make high-quality feed because we give importance to produce high-quality chicken. The better-quality feed makes the better-quality chicken. 


       At our research and development laboratory, dedicated young highly skilled and experienced scientists engaged in research for improving the quality of feed.


       The most senior Dr. V S Narsapur (MVSc, PhD, Post Doc (Czechoslovakia) FIAVP) Retd. Prof & HOD, from Veterinary college Mumbai, is associated with us for the last 30 years. He looks over and guides all Technical activities of the Lab/research centre and field.


       Besides, We have built up a strong team of Doctors, Managers, field supervisors and office staff 


       We use SAP Software to centralize the entire system so that we can monitor different departments through one platform.


"Success has not always been at our doorstep. There have been ups and down."


       In 2006, the Bird flu (avian flu) epidemic caused widespread panic, disruption and massive losses. During this difficult time, we still managed to grow and started introducing the superior technologies. During the epidemic, farmers across India were incurred losses and some faced bankruptcy. To help them, we developed a business model where these farmers would become our partners and part of the Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku Parivar. We do contract broiler farming which helped the farmers to have a source of stable & assured income during all the time.


       Our Headquarters based at Gram Panchayat level and we have 6 branches across Maharashtra. We also have retail outlets all over Alibag, where we provide live birds and fresh chilled chicken.


       Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku Parivar supports about 500 families of residents and we satisfied and feel proud about our contribution to the socio- economic stability of the region through our work.


       Our company's core business is in contract broiler farming. We have introduced cutting-edge technology across all our farms for efficient processing and to improve operational activities. We manage different rearing farms efficiently, leading to first-class breeding flocks which provide the best quality eggs for our hatcheries. We ensure that we provide the best quality chicks on our broiler farms. We are always compliant and maintain the highest health and safety standards, providing the correct treatment and the superior quality feed to our chicks.  



Meet The Team


Mr. Dilip Pathre


Mr. Kunal Pathre



Mr. Prasad Pathre

General Manager