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Whole Chicken
Whole chickens are specially prepared for you with the giblets removed. It is perfect for family dinners and best served roasted.
Chicken Whole Tandoori
Ideal for the Indian version of roast meat. Marinate in a mix of yogurt and spices, roasted in a super hot clay oven (the tandoor), tandoori meat is smoky, spicy and succulent.
Chicken Breast Boneless
Breast part of a chicken, which is a succulent juicy and tender breast with the wing-tip left on.Supplied with the skin on, this is really popular with hotel chefs for gala dinners, as they know the rich, full flavour and texture, is easy to cook, but still, provides a dramatic dinner party meal.
Chicken Leg Boneless
Thighs are prepared with only without the bone . It is very meaty and has a unique taste.
Chicken Drumsticks
Drumsticks are the centre of attraction in many traditional dinners. It has a deep flavour and good texture which is the ideal meal for a BBQ dinner.
Chicken Wings
Chicken wings are famous all over the world. They go well with any occasion and are loved by people of all age groups.
Chicken Legcut
Thighs are prepared with only one bone in the middle. It is very meaty and has a unique taste.
Chicken Liver & Gizzard
Gizzards are mainly used in making liver chops. They are delicious and loved by people during casual dinners
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